Workaround for Rare Issue when Creating Variation Hierarchy in SharePoint 2010

Monday, May 7, 2012
posted by alice

Stefan Goßner addresses a rare but unique issue in, “Interesting Problem When Creating a Variation Hierarchy on an Already Deleted Site Collection.” The author explains how the problem originated:

Hierarchy creation for all site collections in a specific content database failed to create the hierarchy while hierarchy creation in other web applications worked fine. The Hierarchy creation jobs were marked as succeeded and but no new hierarchies were created. While analyzing the issue Cedric noticed that the ScheduledWorkItems table contained work items for the CreateVariationHierarchiesJobDefinition timer job, which belonged to a site collection, which does not exist in the specific content database.

For those interested, Goßner provides step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. He also provides his workaround: it is required to call the internal Delete method of the affected work item itself. While this issue is rare and likely impacts very few users, it is still an interesting and brief case study to read.

Out-of-the-box SharePoint sometimes requires these workaround solutions to achieve desired results. You may want to consider a third party solution, like Smartlogic, which can produce better results in your farm with less effort. For example, the Semaphore Search Application Framework is an out-of-the-box interface that allows users to tweak and customize to meet application specification requirements with minimal development effort. The solution is worth a second look at Smartlogic.

Ken Toth, May 7, 2012

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