Easily Reveal Internal Field Names with Embedded Bookmarklet Tool

Friday, May 25, 2012
posted by alice

In “Bookmarklet Tool for Revealing Internal Field Names,” Boris Gomiunik shares a simple tool you can embed in your browser. Gomiunik explains:

I was already describing the way to get SharePoint List Column’s internal name. Now I’ve prepared a simple tool that you can embed in your browser for an even faster insight…This just temporarily modifies the page. The column will disappear with the next page refresh. But meanwhile you can even copy-paste. I’ve tested it with IE 9, FireFox and Chrome.

Instructions and screen shots are provided to get you started using the script. The simple tool may be a handy way for you to quickly know the internal name of SharePoint column, which can be different from the actual depending on the characters you use.

Simple tools like this help users navigate the complex and powerful SharePoint platform. But you may want to employ a comprehensive third party solution to develop a more intuitive system. The Semaphore Content Intelligence Platform from Smartlogic snaps seamlessly into SharePoint and significantly enhances findability and information assets. Read more at

Ken Toth, May 25, 2012

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