A Web Parts Development Guide for Microsoft SharePoint from Andreas Glaser

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
posted by alice

The guide “SharePoint Web Parts – Development” at the Blog is part of the Learn SharePoint series, which shows the basic development of a Web part. The author, Andreas Glaser, explains the Web part and first development steps:

We are going to develop a Web Part which creates, reads, updates and deletes content in a SharePoint list. Create a new Site Collection based on the “Blank Site” template where we are going to deploy our solution.
1. Create a new farm solution called SharePoint2010.WebParts.
2. Right click the SharePoint2010.WebParts project and add a new Web Part.

Screen shots and simple steps walk you through the development process. The easy to follow guide may be worth the time for a quick refresher on the topic. But resources may be better spent on a comprehensive solution. Here you can read about getting enhanced SharePoint findability with Semaphore Web parts, including faceted search and a taxonomy browser.

Ken Toth, May 2, 2012

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