Discussion on SharePoint and Social in Light of Harris Interactive Enterprise Social Networking Survey

Thursday, April 26, 2012
posted by alice

In “Microsoft’s Vision for Social & What That Might Mean for SharePoint,” Barb Mosher Zinck highlights the findings of the Harris Interactive Enterprise Social Networking Survey and how Microsoft plans to use the research results.

The survey found that social networking in the enterprise is only a growing field with increasing demand from employees for the features and to increase collaboration, information sharing, productivity, and improved business processes.

So what does Microsoft think of the results? It is exciting, but the goal is not about creating “social for social’s sake.” Microsoft Director of SharePoint Product Management, Jared Spataro, offers the SharePoint point of view on the research.

In this [connected experience] approach it’s about how employees get the work done. What that means is that it’s not necessarily about all the bells and whistles and new “Facebook-like” features. As it’s pointed out in the Harris Study organizations are looking for functionality like instant messaging, email, video conferencing. Likes, activity streams and microblogging are not top on the list. These are the tools, Spataro says, that people are familiar with, so bring those capabilities into the social software solution and focus on productivity.

The article is worth a read for a hint at expected features, like IM and video conferencing, as well as discussion on how social ties to collaboration in the enterprise content management environment.

Speculations for the next version are exciting. New features and capabilities are a welcome change. However, a more powerful search in SharePoint doesn’t have to wait. Smartlogic has harnessed the power of semantic technology in the Semaphore Content Intelligence Platform, which will add rich value to your information and enhance the search and navigation experience.

Ken Toth, April 26, 2012

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