Bring Social Business Alive By Popping Social Bubbles

Thursday, March 22, 2012
posted by alice

The Blog takes a creative approach to the discussion on inspiration, engagement and exploration of ideas to change the way people work, specifically in relation to SharePoint and social business. Ant Clay breaks down the pros and cons of social business in his post, “Social Business & Social Software Bubbles Go POP!” Clay points out that “social software bubbles” both encapsulate and keep separated employees, partners, customers, business, culture, data, and information. Clay has this to say:

So the challenge is getting the “social software bubbles” and people to become “one”, not necessarily in some kind of zen-like state (although that would be kinda cool), but more allowing a flow of interactions between them, and if we have that flow then it’s going to be (potentially) messy and chaordic, but that is a very very good thing, trust me.

The idea of social business coming alive once traditional barriers are let down to allow human nature and social behavior co-exist with technology and business is intriguing. We’ve seen the approach before behind ideas like the Complexity Theory and Open Innovation. One way to get around the “social software bubbles” is to employ a powerful search feature, like Smartlogic, so users have access to all relevant information.

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Ken Toth, March 22, 2012

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