Speculation on Microsoft SharePoint 2013: The Marketplace

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
posted by alice

The buzz continues about Microsoft’s recent thousand-plus page document dump about the next version of SharePoint. Bjørn Furuknap of Furuknap’s SharePoint Corner Blog comments on one of the now-revealed functionalities set for SharePoint 2013 in, “SharePoint 2013 App Marketplace – Functionality.” Furuknap offers some translations of the information-rich, but less intelligible, “Office 15: Open Specification Documentation.”

Although probably not for the layperson, the protocol documentation also reveals a rich framework for managing Apps, rights, and licenses. This means that not only will there be a SharePoint App marketplace from Microsoft, but it will also be possible for third-party vendors to build their own marketplaces. Already there are several vendors who do this, with varying success.

Furuknap is somewhat skeptical of the speculated-upon new feature, but overall sees a lot of benefit in the new functionality. The Marketplace could possibly allow for easier provisioning of custom databases to take that hassle out of the development cycle.

SharePoint developments are exciting. To keep up in the game, it helps to have a solid search feature to improve the findability of your valuable business information as you add on new technology features and new goals. The automatic and accurate semantic technology behind the Semaphore Content Intelligence Platform propels findability with metadata enrichment and advanced content classification. You can view some sample business applications of Smartlogic’s Semaphore success here.

Ken Toth, February 28, 2012

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