How to Make SharePoint Work Like iGoogle – Part 2

Friday, October 28, 2011
posted by alice

iGoogle UI for SharePoint – Part 2: Dragging, Dropping, Sorting and Collapsing” is the continuation of “iGoogle UI for SharePoint – Part 1: Overview, Concept, HTML Structure & jQuery Basics.”  These first two in a series of articles show you how to create an iGoogle-style interface for SharePoint 2010, something which is in high demand from users but not available in out of the box SharePoint.

“In Part Two we will take the basic html from part one and using some Javascript magic make it into a more compelling and interactive page.  Firstly we will identify the various techniques individually and then put them all together at the end of this post.”

The jQuery Library with the jQuery UI abstraction layer is used to provide the functionality for the iGoogle-style interface to speed up development and keep cross-browser functionality.  The article includes the needed scripts and links to demos at each stage of the process.  To see a demo of the final product, click here.

Making SharePoint easier to use for your end users is a critical part of any SharePoint deployment.  To enhance your SharePoint search and navigation without programming, look to the Semaphore Content Intelligence Platform from Smartlogic.

Ken Toth

October 27, 2011

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