Bigger is Better: Microsoft Increases SharePoint 2010 Storage Limits

Friday, July 29, 2011
posted by alice

If you have been looking forward to dramatically larger SharePoint farms, the time is here.  “Microsoft updates data storage limits for SharePoint 2010” outlines the changes made to SharePoint 2010.

The SharePoint 2010 storage limit has been increased from 200GB to 4TB.  SharePoint 2010 has effectively eliminated storage barriers by supporting an unlimited content database size for document archive scenarios.  For clients with large SharePoint 2010 implementations, Microsoft is providing detailed guidance and best practices.  Storage optimization has been improved, including support of the SQL Server FILESTREAM Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) Provider, enabling BLOB storage on iSCSI connected NAS storage.

“Data storage is always a key aspect of any SharePoint farm and by increasing the amount of storage; larger projects can now be collaborated on a single SharePoint farm.”

It looks to us like as the data volume increases, the storage limits will be subject to further modifications.  For more information, see

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Ken Toth

July 29, 2011

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  1. Steave says:

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